Mama’s Cantina is now offering a super fun two-for-one happy hour served twice daily 4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.-12 a.m.

Here’s how it works: During happy hour one token is given out with each order of food or a beverage. For example, order one margarita and get a free drink token. Guests can choose to use the tokens right away to get their next round free or can pocket their tokens to use at a later date. There’s no limit to how many tokens guests can collect! Photos of the tokens attached.

Happy hour food is $6 each and includes:

  • Chicharrones, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños, Nachos, Chicken Wings, Tacos de Papas, Taquitos Con Chorizo y Papas and Quesadillas

Happy hour drinks are $6 each and includes:

  • Frozen margaritas, draft beers, wines by the glass and well drinks 

All of these are two for the price of one! View the full happy hour menu here.

Mama’s Cantina also has a brand-new cocktail menu featuring:

  • The Guitarrero – Tradicional, fresh lime, habanero simple syrup, cilantro and garnished with fresh peppers – $12
  • Bond Girl – Codigo Rosa, prosecco, lemon, dash of sugar – $14
  • Coco Punch  1800 Coconut and Pineapple – $12
  • Cinna-Rita – Sweet, citrus and cinnamon – $12

View the full cocktail list here.

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