Pants Yesterday, January 10th, the Link light-rail passengers got a big surprise when hundreds of people stripped down to their underwear as part of the “No Pants! Link Light Rail Ride” influenced by Improv Everywhere. Improv Everywhere, a NYC based group, has been leading the “Annual No Pants Subway Ride” in NYC for 10 years and started a Facebook campaign to get others to ride their local transit bottomless as well. So, Seattle-based Emerald City Improv encouraged residents to join the fun and the event was born. Passengers participating in all the no-pants glory, met at Westlake Center and rode to Sea-Tac Airport where they walked around baggage claim before heading back to the city. The Seattle Times posted a few videos of the pant-less participants and Seattle Pi posted a short video of the event. Make sure to catch the action and the reactions of everyone aboard the Link light-rail and watch the videos!


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