An office thief, overpass jumper, and damage to businesses make up this month’s Belltown crime recap.

September 16: A thief has been on a spree through downtown Seattle office buildings stealing cash, laptops, and credit cards. Reports say he burglarizes between 6:30-7:30 a.m. and 4-6p.m. before and after the workday. Police have arrested a suspect who they believe may have been responsible for a few other office thefts.

September 15: Police officers arrested a man at 200 Bell Street after he was seen firing a gun. A witness called police when he saw the suspect pull a gun on a man in an alley and fire one shot in the air. Responding officers found and arrested the suspect, who was booked into King County Jail for possession of a firearm.

September 10: A man has been on a spree of violent acts through the Belltown and downtown Seattle areas. He reportedly stabbed a couple, who were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and jabbed a knife at a man in attempt to steal his cell phones. The suspect was also reported to make disturbing, public comments about his stabbings.

September 11: A man reportedly jumped off the I-5 overpass and landed on a driver’s windshield. Southbound traffic backed up for miles as medics responded to the scene. The driver of the vehicle hit was transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries to his neck and back, and the jumper was taken in critical condition.

August 24: A Belltown shooting caused damage to several businesses in the neighborhood. Patrolling officers heard gunshots late at night near Third Avenue and Bell Street. When police arrived to the scene, they found shell casings from a handgun. Witnesses reported seeing an argument ensue between a pedestrian and driver, who fired gunshots at the pedestrian. Neither party was found when police arrived.

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