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Belltown Finally Gets a Much-Needed Major Repaving

If you’ve been bumping along on your commute through Belltown for the past few months, your ride is about to get a lot smoother! The Seattle Department of Transportation started a major repaving project along Third Avenue this morning, where there has been a serious pothole problem.

The potholes are particularly bad along Third Avenue, due to its higher bus traffic and everyday wear-and-tear. The tough freezing this winter caused quite a bit of pavement cracking as well, which has been exacerbated by the impact vehicle traffic.

Construction will take place along Third Avenue between Virginia and Broad Streets.

SDOT expects this to be a 10 month project, and part of the reason for the long timeline is to reduce the impact on traffic. In order to work, SDOT will need to close the avenue down to a single lane in each direction at work sites. They are also dividing road closures for the project into intersections to reduce the impact on traffic.

Although it’s going to cause traffic headaches, it’s very, very necessary. Right now, “It’s like going through a slalom course!” one driver said.

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