Restaurants and Bars

Belltown restaurantsGastropubs, diners, or dinner-and-a-show – a wide selection of Belltown restaurants and dining locations for appetites and moods of all flavors is available within walking distance of downtown Seattle. Experience some of Seattle’s best artists in cuisine, or indulge in a comfort food craving. It’s all here. There is a significant food culture associated with Belltown, including a selection of food and drink tours to help you experience the area cuisine.

Belltown Restaurants Tours

For example, the Belltown Restaurants Tour includes a trip through the neighborhood’s finest boutiques and entertainment, including food at selected restaurants like Local 360, Branzino, Coterie, Rob Roy, and Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant. Each tour is given by a dedicated tour guide, that will help you get the most out of the individual courses and accompanying drinks while visiting Belltown Seattle.

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