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Early this afternoon there was a car accident on the corner of 1st & Lenora. Where most of the traffic in this intersection was cut off. The police, fire department, and paramedics came to the scene. It is not clear what exactly happened. There was a Subaru in the intersection as well as just the wheel of another car. A block and half up the street was a black BMW with a missing wheel. We do not have any more details at this time.

You’ve most likely seen a Mars Hill Church somewhere in the greater Seattle area, as it’s one of the biggest, and fasted growing churches around the Pacific Northwest. They’re continually outgrowing their current Belltown location, in the building that previously hosted Tabella’s night club, and have settled on a decision to move into downtown, in the First United Methodist Church, on 5th ave and Marion Street.

Mars Hill current Belltown location, Photo courtesy of
The building has previously served as the Daniel’s Recital Hall, offering free concerts to the community, and according to the Seattle Times, will still offer concerts that don’t conflict with Mars Hill activities. Apparently the deal for the new location almost didn’t happen. Tom Graff of Ewing & Clark Inc said “Mars Hill looked at the First United Methodist Church building a year ago but Daniels didn’t want to sell or completely relinquish control.” Graff also mentioned he had the lead pastor and Kevin Daniels (developer, and gentleman responsible for saving the historic building in 2007) get together in person, and they came to an agreement on a 5 year lease. For more information on the move, visit the Seattle Times.

If you’ve been keeping up with any of the Olympics this year, you’ve probably noticed that there is quite a handful of local Washingtonians representing the United States, as well as other countries at the London games this year. Our state is represented by hot shot swimmer Nathan Adrian, Basketball Star Sue Bird, and Adrienne Martelli in women’s rowing. If you’ve been busy outside enjoying the sunshine, or holed up at work during prime Olympic hours, we’ve got a handful of local neighborhood bars that are playing the games non-stop through August 12th, so you can catch team USA in action. If you’re in Capitol Hill the newest sports bar in town 95 Slide open from 2-2, and the bar is planning on having food and drink specials during major Olympic events such as the basketball finals. If you’d like to feel like you’re in London, hit up one of the  sister English pubs, in Ballard the Market Arms or George and Dragon (operated by the same English owner). Spit Fire and Buckley’s in Belltown will have specials during popular Olympic events, and Spitfire will be hosting a closing ceremony party, similar to the big event they had on opening night. Come on out and experience the Olympic tradition, and success of team USA with your neighboring sports fans through August 12th!

As many of you already know from walking by the corner of pike and 2nd avenue, Target has been moving into downtown Seattle. There has been some debate on whether the discounted retail store will be good or bad for small business owners downtown, or if it will help clean up the neighborhood”s drug problem; but that. The new Urban City Target opened it”s doors today at 7am, and shoppers may be a little surprised by what they find inside the 3 story retail store. According to the Seattle Times, the City Target, which is 2/3 the size of an average target store is now carrying smaller sized items, like 8lb bags of dog food instead of the larger 20lb bags, and 8-12 rolled toilet paper packs instead of 24. The City Target has more of an urban feel as well, showcasing clothing displayed on mannequins, escalators lead you up and down the 3 floors of retail, and it felt like they had at least 1 sales person for every 5 people in the store. They”re everywhere! Th City stores are popping up in other cities such as Chicago and San Francisco. According to the Times, they chose Seattle as one of the first cities to start because of the influx of new downtown housing, as well as the tourism/number of office workers in and around the city during the day. For more information on the store”s opening, visit the Seattle Times.

After President Barack Obama visited the victims of the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie premier shooting this weekend, he is scheduled to arrive in Seattle tomorrow as part of his five state trip, that will have both fundraisers and public events. After stopping in Reno this afternoon, Obama is scheduled to be in Seattle tomorrow for two fundraising events, (although the location of the events is undisclosed at this time).

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According to the Seattle Pi he will be speaking at a “Grassroots event” in Portland tomorrow morning to discuss the economy. He is running a little behind in Oregon Polls than Washington, and will head to Seattle after the conclusion of the two events. After coming to Seattle, the President will head to New Orleans for two fundraisers there as well. This will likely be the last presidential visit to Seattle, no public events are scheduled at this time.