A citywide traffic snarl, punches thrown after a staring contest, and flying chicken breasts make up this month’s crime recap in Belltown.

Seattle traffic mess deemed ‘necessary:’ The traffic nightmare on Tuesday, June 10th left hundreds of commuters stuck for hours throughout Seattle. The clog resulted from a collision that closed state route 99 for five and a half hours, turning roads throughout the city and its surrounding areas into parking lots. A police spokesperson said that the collision’s investigation was the reason for backups, though the traffic mess was “regrettable.”

Un-pleasantries thrown at runners: A woman was arrested from her fifth floor apartment on 2100 2nd Avenue after disrupting crowds below. She reportedly threw a frozen chicken breast, green juice, cans, and a bag of cat litter at runners and onlookers during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on June 1st. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault and reckless endangerment.

What you lookin’ at?: A fight broke out between a small group of women at the Downtown Emergency Service Center on Second Avenue that escalated quickly. A mother and daughter were waiting for services when the daughter became agitated at another woman for staring at her. Verbal arguing ensued between the two parties, and a few others got involved until the fight got physical. One woman pulled a golf club from her car and used it as a weapon before speeding off.

Stabbing in the park: A man was stabbed near Victor Steinbrueck Park and found by a witness, who called 911. He gave a description of the knife but couldn’t seem to identify his attacker. He was bleeding from stab wounds in both of his tights and transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

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An argument at a homeless services center in the neighborhood erupted into a fight where one woman hit another with a golf club, in Belltown crime news. The incident occurred when a woman and her daughter were waiting for services at the Downtown Emergency Service Center just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 27th.

The daughter allegedly began arguing with another woman, whom she said was staring at her. The women both threatened each other with violence, causing a security officer to ask them both to leave.

After exiting the building, the woman who was allegedly staring was joined by two more women. At this point, according to police reports, the mother stepped in and told the three women that no one would be allowed to assault her daughter. One of those women proceeded to punch the mother in the face, which caused the argument to escalate to a physical fight in the street outside of the DESC.

One of the three women fighting with the mother and daughter told another of her partners to “get the tool out of the trunk”, at which point the woman took a golf club out of a nearby car and hit either the mother or daughter (the reports online are unclear).

The three women fled the scene in a red Chevrolet, headed southbound on 2nd Avenue. Seattle Police Department bicycle officers arrived at the scene. The officers found the victims to be not seriously injured, although one of the women had an abrasion on her face. Both the mother and daughter victims refused medical treatment, and left the scene after providing police with their statements.

SPD did not get any further information about the three other women who fled the scene.

The DESC has been offering an emergency shelter and sanctuary for adults living with behavioral health problems and chronic homelessness since 1979. According to the website, “[Their] mission is not merely to offer shelter, but to end the homelessness of our community’s most vulnerable people, through an integrated array of clinical services and supportive housing that allows men and women to reclaim their lives and reach their highest potential.”

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The May Day demonstrations took center stage in Downtown Seattle on May 1st, and some of that mayhem trickled over into Belltown. In addition to those events, here is a breakdown of some of the Belltown crime activity from the past month…

  • SPD Arrests 10 in May Day Demonstrations: While they expected mostly peaceful rallying on May Day, SPD did notice threatening posters, social media chatter, and graffiti vandalism. They were prepared for a more hostile crowd in the evening on May 1st, and so had a substantial police presence. The El Comite march was peaceful, but a second protest group resulted in some arrests. The protesters (unpermitted) began marching toward the Youth Service Center from Seattle Central Community College, lighting dumpsters on fire, and throwing bottles, bricks and firecrackers at police officers. Ten arrests were made, mostly for property damage, and assault. In Belltown, a neighborhood resident stopped his BMW convertible at an intersection, and a mob of protesters descended on his car. They yelled at him, spit on his car, dented the sides and spray painted the trunk.
  • Mother-Daughter Bandits Hug, Then Rob Intoxicated Bar-Goers: If you’re out in Belltown enjoying the night life, keep an eye out for a pair of bandits who hug men who seem intoxicated, then steal their valuables. The two women, 27-year-old Porscha Drummer and 47-year-old Yolanda Martin, are suspected of hugging multiple victims as they stood outside popular bars and nightclubs throughout Belltown and Downtown, and then relieving them of their wallets, cellphones and other valuables. The older suspect, Yolanda Martin, has a record and four years ago was convicted for a similar crime spree – she was known then as the “Hugger Mugger Bandit”. Porscha is her daughter, and was observed via surveillance video with Yolanda at a mini-mart, using debt and credit cards stolen from the victims. Detectives are asking any witnesses or possible victims who had contact with either of these women to contact the SPD.
  • Group of Women Beats, Robs Possibly Pregnant Woman: Early in the morning on Sunday, May 18th, a woman left a Belltown club where she had been with two friends. She was headed north on 1st Avenue, and was alone – although she told police she thought her friends would follow her soon. Shortly thereafter, a group of young women (early 20s in age) approached her and pushed her to the ground, then kicked her in the head a half a dozen times before she lost consciousness. The victim told police that she noticed several men standing around watching the women beat her. The attack stopped when a Good Samaritan stepped in, and the suspects fled. SFD arrived on the scene to treat her, at which point she told them she may be pregnant, but she declined a trip to the hospital. She reported to police that her purse, with $100 cash, and her cellphone were stolen in the assault. Police are asking that anyone with more information about the attack contact the SPD.

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Each month we aim to spread the news about some reported criminal activity in our neighborhood. From mid-March until today, here are summaries of the reported Belltown crime that occurred…

  • Woman’s Friend Steals Her Phone, Shoves Her Down Embankment: At about 1 a.m. on April 2nd, a woman and her acquaintance were walking along Elliott Avenue when – allegedly – the man she was with grabbed her cell phone and shoved her down a steep embankment underneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct. He shouted, “I’ll call an ambulance for you,” before running away. Two witnesses found the woman lying 20-30 feet below the viaduct when she screamed for help. Police and medics arrived on the scene, where police took her statement and the medics transported her to Harborview for treatment of her injuries. It was discovered that both of the woman’s ankles had broken in the fall.
  • Disagreement Ends in Fatal Shooting: Two men were in a heated argument just after 2 a.m. on April 6th, near the intersection of 5th Avenue and Olive Way. According to witnesses, the argument ended when one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other. SPD arrived on scene to find the victim, a 47-year-old man, dead. The suspect had fled the scene, and police were unable to locate him. He is described as being a black male with light skin, a short, curly afro, about 5’11” to 6 feet, thin build, and in his early 20s. At the time of the crime, witnesses noted he was wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt. Please call 9-1-1 if you have any information about the incident or the suspect’s whereabouts.
  • SPD Arrests Bike Shop Owner Suspected of Trafficking Stolen Bicycles: For several months, Seattle Police detectives have been investigating Bicycle Pull-Apart in Belltown for trafficking thousands of dollars worth of stolen bicycles. They had received tips that the shop had bought, rebuilt, and resold stolen bikes. Detectives connected the owner of the shop to a $4,000 stolen bike that was sold to Pull-Apart. They arrested him on March 13th and booked him into King County Jail for trafficking in stolen property. SPD went back to the shop on April 9th and recovered more than $9,000 worth of stolen property in three bicycles. All three bikes had been stolen between August 2013 and March 2014. This remains an open investigation.

The SPD blotter has been a bit quiet on the recent criminal activity in the neighborhood, but a couple of serious cases did occur over the last month. Read more about Belltown crime in the summaries below…

  • SPD Looks for Help Finding Sexual Assault Suspect: As we reported earlier this month, the Seattle Police Department is asking for public aid in finding and apprehending the suspect of a sexual assault incident that occurred in Belltown in late January. A young woman was attacked on January 18th at about 1 a.m. as she was walking home near 2nd Avenue and Clay Street in Belltown. Her assailant, a 25-35 year-old Hispanic man with short hair, fled the scene when she dragged him into the street and the visibility of an oncoming vehicle. He is described as being about 5’ 8” tall, with stocky build. Click here for the security footage of the suspect, as well as his SPD criminal sketch. The victim spoke with Q13 Fox in an interview about the attack – watch it here.
  • Bar Tab Split Dispute Ends in Broken Neck: In a violent bar fight on March 5th, one man ended up with a broken neck. At about 1 a.m. on that date, while celebrating a friend’s birthday in the VIP section of a club in the 2200 block of Western Avenue, there was a dispute about the bar tab. According to a KOMO News report, all parties on the bill put cash in to cover their drinks except for one member of their group who put in his credit card instead, and took the cash in exchange. He got upset because he felt more money was due from the other parties, and began insisting they cough it up. A member of his group tried to calm him down, but when he wouldn’t give the upset man more money, the man tackled him into a table where he hit his back and neck. Friends and staff immediately separated the men. After going home with a sore back and neck, the pain continued to get worse over the following days. He went into the doctor on March 7th for an X-ray, which showed a broken vertebrae in his neck. He reported the incident on March 8th.
  • Fight Between Friends Turns Not-So-Friendly: Last week, we mentioned the incident between ‘friends’ in a Belltown apartment on March 11th. The resident of the apartment, a man with a prosthetic leg in a wheelchair, had gotten into a dispute with his friend and guest. When he asked his friend to leave, the man refused, so he threatened to stab him. There was a struggle, resulting in his friend pushing him over in his wheelchair and stomping on his face. Police arrived on the scene to find the ‘friend’ in the lobby with bloody knife wounds on his hands, and the resident in the wheelchair unconscious on the floor in his apartment. SPD arrested the ‘friend’ as the primary aggressor in the incident.