For 30 years, Queen City Grill has been a neighborhood staple and important feature of the Belltown community. Tragically, the restaurant may have to close at the end of this month, unless we can influence the grill’s landlord to allow them to stay!

Plymouth Housing Group, Queen City’s landlord, is refusing to honor the five-year extension option in their lease and insisting that the restaurant vacate by January 2nd, 2017. Although Queen City Grill has paid their rent for the 30 years that they’ve been in business at the Belltown location, Plymouth Housing Group is evicting the restaurant due to a water billing issue. While Queen City doesn’t agree that they owe for the charges, they have offered to pay the amount (plus the allegedly excessive late fees and penalties that PHG is charging) in full in order to stay and avoid the time and cost of litigating them.

According to the Queen City Grill’s announcement, “Please respectfully let Plymouth Housing Group and City of Seattle officials know how you feel about this plan to dispose of the Queen City Grill and its amazing employees, while wiping away 30 years of history and leadership in the Belltown community.”

As part of a statement from Plymouth Housing Group, they state that “Since 2010, QCG has also suffered from financial problems. Plymouth has worked closely with QCG to help alleviate the situation. Rent has been reduced and leases have been restructured. QCG now is thousands of dollars behind in its obligations. Plymouth regrets the difficulties being suffered by this long time Seattle institution but cannot offer a new lease term to this commercial tenant without risking the financial stability of Plymouth’s mission.  Our intent is that this would continue as a restaurant location, but no specific plans have been made.”

Queen City Grill’s General Manager and Partner Robert Eickhof responded in a statement to King 5 News: ““There was a discrepancy of a water bill two or three years ago. $5,800. We disputed it. We thought it was outrageous. It’s accrued to the point of $14,800. We have said we will pay that if you will grant us our five-year option.”


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