The recent freeze is taking a toll on Seattle-area roads and leaving large potholes.
According to KIRO 7, Third Avenue in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood had some of the most damage. Drivers were eager to talk about it.
“It was bumpy and not very safe,” said Angelique Garcia after driving down Third Avenue. “I slowed down, if someone was behind me it would be a terrible accident.”
The ride was equally upsetting for her daughter in the passenger seat, Rebecca Garcia. The Garcias were visiting Seattle from San Diego and told KIRO 7 they’d never seen roads like that.

Seattle resident Chris Tensley said he tried to avoid the potholes on Third Avenue. “It’s like going through a slalom course. You have to drive and weave. You can’t drive straight,¬†Tensley said.
The Seattle Department of Transportation told KIRO 7 the city would have crews out on Sunday this week working to repair road damage from the recent storm. The pothole ranger crews usually work Monday through Friday.
There is a link on the SDOT website that allows drivers to report potholes: 
The city says it tries to have potholes repaired in 72 hours. If a vehicle is damaged by a pothole the driver can file a claim with the city. The city says each claim will be investigated by an adjuster. If the pothole that caused the damage was reported and not fixed within 72 hours, SDOT says it is more likely to pay the claim.
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