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From its historical connection to the film industry, to its current status as Seattle’s neighborhood for nightlife, life in Seattle Belltown is an energetic, active experience in life and play.

Due to the exciting nightlife in the neighborhood, many of Belltown’s homes are made in pristine condos, cozy lofts and apartments, and multi-unit residences. It’s a neighborhood perfect for the urban lifestyle, just steps from some of the city’s best restaurants and entertainment centers.

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Photo credit: Seattle Weekly

Belltown started out as one of Seattle’s earliest neighborhoods, but due to natural land barriers (Denny Hill) and the subsequent mass-removal of those barriers, it had a difficult start. Once the Denny Hill re-grade was complete, however, the Belltown neighborhood quickly became one of the most active communities in the young city. Film factories in the neighborhood brought industry and artists to Belltown, subsequently bringing the cafes, studios, galleries, and theaters that reside there nowadays.

Home to numerous show houses and theaters, bars and clubs, Belltown is now known as one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to visit if you are looking for an exciting evening of entertainment. But if you’re more interested in life in Seattle, there’s something for everyone in Belltown’s variety of residences, from exquisite urban condominiums to cozy, eclectic apartments.