Just a couple of blocks from the Belltown neighborhood, the iconic Seattle ‘Chef in the Hat’, Thierry Rautureau, will be opening his new restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel! The restaurant is to be called ‘Loulay’, and it is expected to open in early December, on the 4th.

According to an article in the Seattle Times, the new kitchen and bar is going to be the Chef in the Hat’s new flagship restaurant. It’s named for the community in southwest France where he was born. The menu “will draw on the dishes from the France of the chef’s childhood, as well as his other two restaurants.”

The new venture comes after the summer 2013 closure of Rover’s, a fine dining restaurant (and Rautureau’s first in Seattle) of 25 years that was located in Madison Valley. Rover’s served customers its last meal to guests on June 23rd, 2013. Rautureau’s other French eatery, a bistro called Luc, is still thriving a couple doors away from Rover’s old location in the Central District.

“A bigger space will allow us to spread our wings,” Rautureau said.

Loulay will be opening in the ground floor of the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, at 1400 6th Avenue, in just a couple of weeks. The restaurant will be able to seat 100 comfortably, offering contemporary renditions of the country-style French food Rautureau grew up eating.

At the opening, Loulay will not offer breakfast – that will come in a couple of months. For now, burgers, soup, and other items will be available for lunch and dinner. Fine dining classics from Rover’s will also be featured on Loulay’s menu, including caviar and scrambled eggs. Middle-fare selections, like Rautureau’s mother’s pot-au-feu (rabbit), will be strongly represented.

The atmosphere is designed to be romantic, as evidenced by the cushioned, high-backed booths, marble chef’s counter, tables without cloths, elaborate decorations and bright chandeliers. If things work out, Rautureau plans to have a mezzanine table installed for a solo diner.

“This is the restaurant that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now … We’re going to have a blast,” he said.

Featured photo from TheChefInTheHat.com.


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