Street violence and intense protesting are dominant issues in this month’s Belltown crime recap.

November 11: A woman was surrounded and robbed of her cell phone and purse in the downtown area. The victim suffered minor injury to her knee. Police officers soon caught up to the suspects and arrested them for robbery.

November 21: Two men were attacked in a public park by suspects claiming to be police officers. The suspects were posing as police when they used batons to beat two victims, then stealing a wallet and cell phone before fleeing the scene. The victims sustained minor injuries. Police officers have arrested one suspect and are working to identify the other.

December 6: Ferguson protesters have made their way through downtown Seattle and surrounding areas in demonstrations that have turned violent. Seven people were arrested on Saturday, December 6th for assault in an otherwise peaceful citywide protest. This group of protesters threw rocks and jumped police. They were booked into King County Jail for assault and pedestrian interference.

December 10: Police officers have arrested a man who was wanted for robbing and stabbing a woman in a Belltown alley early this month. The suspect attacked the victim, knocked her down and stabbed her in the back, fleeing with the woman’s cell phone and cash. He has been booked into King County Jail.

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