Under the city’s new budget plan, parking rates across Seattle are going up. The most expensive metered parking will now be $4.00/hr in Pioneer Square, in the Commercial Core and on First Hill. The lowest rates are set at $1.50/hr in Westlake, Uptown, Green Lake and Roosevelt. Belltown will range from $2.00-$2.50/hr and the Int. District and Capitol Hill will be $3.00/hr. In addition, some Seattle neighborhoods will have extended hours (disappointing) as the usually “free” parking begins at 6:00 pm. Over the next couple of months, Belltown, Capitol Hill, International District, Pike/Pine, Pioneer Square, Central Settle, U-District and Uptown will all have extended paid parking until 8:00 p.m., an extra two hours that drivers will have to worry about.  The main goal, says the director of Traffic Management, is to free up parking and figure out where there is the most occupancy. As monitoring continues, it is possible that rates will continue to be adjusted, and talks of increases for “prime” time parking-that is, increased rates for the time of day when they are most frequented, have been brought up. These increaes are sure to upset commuters and hopefully, increased parking rates will not adversely affect Seattle businesses.


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