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Belltown Events: 30th Anniversary Kells Irish Festival

Saint Patrick’s Day is just over a week away, but Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub in Belltown is getting the festivities going early with their annual Irish Festival! Beginning this Friday, March 8th, the festival runs through the next week…
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Belltown News: New Movie to Feature Belltown Neighborhood

Since “The Details,” which released last year, Seattle hasn’t seen much action in the movie-making department. But we’re updating you on some exciting Belltown news: a new movie is coming to town, and it won’t be limiting its filming to…
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Belltown Events: 9 Things to Do in March

What’s on your schedule for March? There are some pretty fun and exciting Belltown events coming up next month, so read on for the details and look forward to some great things! March Thursdays – 80’s Night at Belltown Billiards:…
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Belltown Event: Venice is Sinking Venetian Masked Carnival Ball

Experience mystery, allure, glamour, and Cirque de Soleil style with a masked ball this Saturday, Feb. 9. You might have seen the posters around town, and in case you haven’t, we thought you should know about the Venice is Sinking…
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Catch King Tut’s Exhibit Before It’s Gone!

The 1922 discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamen rocked the world of archaeology, and since May 2012, the long-dead pharaoh’s golden treasures and opulent possessions have wowed Seattleites from their exhibition at the Pacific Science Center. That exhibit closes this…
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