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belltownReal Estate in Belltown/Downtown is continuing to show growth month by month. The numbers also show us that summer has been a busy buyer’s market. The number of sales as increased slowly up throughout spring into summer. Between March and May, the number of sales climbed in small increments March 38, April 44, May 53. At the end of June, we saw 164 residences sold with 93 left pending. The astronomic increase was due mainly to pre-sales for the Insignia building, but still shows the demand for condos continues to grow.

The general downtown area only saw 10 more sales this July than July of 2015, but the average prices increased. The lowest average price has gone up by $12,500, the median price increased by $169,450, and the highest jumped $1,520,000.  There are currently 63 active listings and 101 pending. We will have to see what this crazy neighborhood market has in store for us next month!

seattlesunsetIt looks as though Seattle’s high hopes are dashed, for now at least. The Federal Aviation Administration has sent a “notice of presumed hazard” to developer Crescent Heights Inspirational Living in regards to a proposed development on Fourth Avenue and Columbia Street in Downtown Seattle.

The Miami based developer has planned to construct what would be the West Coast’s tallest building, at 102 stories and 1,117 feet above ground level.  The notice from the FAA states that “Initial findings of this study indicate that the structure as described exceeds obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse physical or electromagnetic interference effect upon navigable air space or air navigation facilities,” causing the tower to interfere with Boeing Field operations and potentially helicopter flights in and out of Harbor View Medical Center.

The FAA has given the developers the choice of lowering the height of the building to a maximum height of just 965 feet, or abandoning the project altogether. The lowered maximum height would put the project, currently called 4/C, at two feet shorter than the city’s current tallest building, The Columbia Center.

FAA Spokesman Allen Kenitzer has said that discussions between the FAA and Crescent Heights are ongoing and “probably will be for some time”, while officials from Crescent Heights have declined comment.  For now, it seems, a start date for construction remains unclear, as the developer awaits an OK on the design of the building from the city in order to proceed with further permit applications. Crescent Heights had initially noted that they would like to begin the project in 2017.

Seattle based architecture firm LMN has been designing 4/C ,which, if all goes according to the current plan would have 1,200 apartments, 150,000 square feet of office space, a 150-room hotel and retail and restaurant space.

An argument at a homeless services center in the neighborhood erupted into a fight where one woman hit another with a golf club, in Belltown crime news. The incident occurred when a woman and her daughter were waiting for services at the Downtown Emergency Service Center just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 27th.

The daughter allegedly began arguing with another woman, whom she said was staring at her. The women both threatened each other with violence, causing a security officer to ask them both to leave.

After exiting the building, the woman who was allegedly staring was joined by two more women. At this point, according to police reports, the mother stepped in and told the three women that no one would be allowed to assault her daughter. One of those women proceeded to punch the mother in the face, which caused the argument to escalate to a physical fight in the street outside of the DESC.

One of the three women fighting with the mother and daughter told another of her partners to “get the tool out of the trunk”, at which point the woman took a golf club out of a nearby car and hit either the mother or daughter (the reports online are unclear).

The three women fled the scene in a red Chevrolet, headed southbound on 2nd Avenue. Seattle Police Department bicycle officers arrived at the scene. The officers found the victims to be not seriously injured, although one of the women had an abrasion on her face. Both the mother and daughter victims refused medical treatment, and left the scene after providing police with their statements.

SPD did not get any further information about the three other women who fled the scene.

The DESC has been offering an emergency shelter and sanctuary for adults living with behavioral health problems and chronic homelessness since 1979. According to the website, “[Their] mission is not merely to offer shelter, but to end the homelessness of our community’s most vulnerable people, through an integrated array of clinical services and supportive housing that allows men and women to reclaim their lives and reach their highest potential.”

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From live music events to restaurant dinners and Father’s Day, there are lots of fun Belltown events to mark on your calendar for June! Read more about the happenings below…

  1. June 1 – Tavolàta June Sunday Feast: The monthly Sunday feast at Tavolàta in June will feature Wild Mushrooms & Garden Vegetables! The menu includes three courses, each highlighting delicious bounty from farm and forager! Seats are $60 per person, and the dinner is served family-style starting at 6 p.m. Call 206-838-8008 for reservations.
  2. June 10 – The Beatles Trivia at The Crocodile: Beatles fans, head to The Crocodile on Tuesday, June 10th at 7 p.m. for a night of trivia, special cocktails, and prizes for brainiest Beatles fan and best costume. The Beatles Trivia Night is a free event!
  3. June 15 – Father’s Day Brunch at AQUA by El Gaucho: Celebrate Dad with a delicious brunch at AQUA by El Gaucho on Sunday, June 15th for Father’s Day! Call to reserve your table: 206-956-9171.
  4. June 15 – Summer Rock Band Camp Recital at The Crocodile: Enjoy some fabulous entertainment as the Summer Rock Band campers perform a live music recital at The Crocodile on Sunday, June 15th at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person.
  5. June 21 – Jet City Rock (Best of Seattle): The School of Rock, which provides music lessons with a performance-based method, is performing a ‘Best of Seattle’ event on Saturday, June 21st. The Jet City Rock event begins at 5 p.m. at The Crocodile. Tickets are $12 per person.
  6. June 28 – Midsummer Night’s Dream Cabaret at El Gaucho: Enjoy a three-act cabaret show, a four course dinner, full bar, and Sommelier’s selection wine list at El Gaucho Seattle’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Cabaret evening. Doors open at 7 p.m. with a cocktail hour, and dinner and the show begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $150 per person. Click here to view the menu, and call 206-728-1337 to reserve your seat!

Featured photo from TheCrocodile.com.

The May Day demonstrations took center stage in Downtown Seattle on May 1st, and some of that mayhem trickled over into Belltown. In addition to those events, here is a breakdown of some of the Belltown crime activity from the past month…

  • SPD Arrests 10 in May Day Demonstrations: While they expected mostly peaceful rallying on May Day, SPD did notice threatening posters, social media chatter, and graffiti vandalism. They were prepared for a more hostile crowd in the evening on May 1st, and so had a substantial police presence. The El Comite march was peaceful, but a second protest group resulted in some arrests. The protesters (unpermitted) began marching toward the Youth Service Center from Seattle Central Community College, lighting dumpsters on fire, and throwing bottles, bricks and firecrackers at police officers. Ten arrests were made, mostly for property damage, and assault. In Belltown, a neighborhood resident stopped his BMW convertible at an intersection, and a mob of protesters descended on his car. They yelled at him, spit on his car, dented the sides and spray painted the trunk.
  • Mother-Daughter Bandits Hug, Then Rob Intoxicated Bar-Goers: If you’re out in Belltown enjoying the night life, keep an eye out for a pair of bandits who hug men who seem intoxicated, then steal their valuables. The two women, 27-year-old Porscha Drummer and 47-year-old Yolanda Martin, are suspected of hugging multiple victims as they stood outside popular bars and nightclubs throughout Belltown and Downtown, and then relieving them of their wallets, cellphones and other valuables. The older suspect, Yolanda Martin, has a record and four years ago was convicted for a similar crime spree – she was known then as the “Hugger Mugger Bandit”. Porscha is her daughter, and was observed via surveillance video with Yolanda at a mini-mart, using debt and credit cards stolen from the victims. Detectives are asking any witnesses or possible victims who had contact with either of these women to contact the SPD.
  • Group of Women Beats, Robs Possibly Pregnant Woman: Early in the morning on Sunday, May 18th, a woman left a Belltown club where she had been with two friends. She was headed north on 1st Avenue, and was alone – although she told police she thought her friends would follow her soon. Shortly thereafter, a group of young women (early 20s in age) approached her and pushed her to the ground, then kicked her in the head a half a dozen times before she lost consciousness. The victim told police that she noticed several men standing around watching the women beat her. The attack stopped when a Good Samaritan stepped in, and the suspects fled. SFD arrived on the scene to treat her, at which point she told them she may be pregnant, but she declined a trip to the hospital. She reported to police that her purse, with $100 cash, and her cellphone were stolen in the assault. Police are asking that anyone with more information about the attack contact the SPD.

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