Belltown Seattle

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June Real Estate Report

As some of you may know, real estate in Belltown is booming! But do you know by how much? With all the new buildings going up in the neighborhood one can just assume how many people are attracted to the…
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Belltown Apartment Market to Stabilize, Maybe Dip in 2014

Yesterday, the Seattle Times published an article that sheds light on the Belltown and Greater Seattle rental market in the coming months. It suggested that Belltown apartment residents will see a stabilized rental market, with a possibility of lower rental…
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New Belltown Apartments to Be Made With LEGO-Style Modular Design

The construction for Seattle’s first modular apartment building is already underway at 3rd Avenue and Bell Street, where workers are building the foundation and street-level space for the residential structure. These new Belltown Seattle apartments will be made individually at…
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